Flexible, Competitive and Good value for money.

MediHealth is Flexible, Competitive and Good value for money

MediHealth's pricing model is designed to be flexible and can be subscribed to on a monthly basis. Prices are very competitive and excellent value for money.
INcluded Value

No server hardware or server maintenance costs

No third party licence costs (e.g. Microsoft Outlook)

No set up or training costs

No Bpay or Eclipse per transaction costs

Unlimited phone and email support

100% web based cloud computing software accessible anywhere

Maximum security. Privacy protected. Servers hosted in Australia

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Software Pricing for Individuals

We offer Flexible Pricing Options. Groups attract price discounts based on numbers of doctors. There is also a discount for subscribing to all modules. No BPAY or Eclipse per transaction costs.

Accounts & Calendar

  • Doctor web based access
  • Innovative time saving features
  • Submit electronically to Medicare/health funds
  • Automated patient validation check
  • Online prepayment gateway
  • SMS module*
  • Interactive calendar & mobile sync

Full suite

Most Popular

All modules included at a discounted rate:

  • Quote Module
  • Calendar module
  • Accounts module
  • Additional "On-call" app module
  • Online credit card gateway
  • SMS module*

Quote & Calendar

  • Informed Financial Consent
  • Doctor introductions
  • Patient surveys
  • Online prepayment gateway
  • Health fund explanations
  • Procedure advice
  • SMS module*
  • Interactive calendar & sync
  • Modules accessible anywhere

*An optional inbuilt SMS engine is available which attracts a per unit SMS fee.

Group bonuses

MediHealth offers additional features to groups of 6 doctors or more.

Discounts on software licenses based on number of doctors

Group branded website

Full system setup based on current practice profile

Onsite training & support for admin staff and doctors

Support for "casual" Doctors

MediHealth Powering Individuals and Groups