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We have listed some commonly asked questions below. If we haven't answered your questions here, please contact us.

Software (11)

What do you mean by "cloud" computing. Web based software?
The MediHealth suite was built as an online software product. That means users access the software using a simple web browser. It can be used on any technology platform (E.g., Mac or Windows) and devices such as iPads, laptops or desktops. The software is also cloud based which means there are no servers required to be purchased or managed by our end users. This keeps costs low and accessibility high for our users.
How secure is MediHealth?
Information is safe with MediHealth. Our servers are hosted safely in locations across Melbourne ensuring protection under Australia privacy laws. Our highly qualified developers have put in place the highest levels of redundancy, hourly backups of data to remote servers and security similar to your online banking security. Security in the cloud is easy with MediHealth.
How private is my information and that of my patients?
Patient and medical confidentiality is paramount to MediHealth. MediHealth abides by the privacy and confidentiality regulations as set out by the Privacy Act.
Does MediHealth work with Macs?
Yes. The MediHealth software is designed to work Mac or Windows as it is web based software. If you can access the internet with a web browser you can use MediHealth.
Can I make Eclipse claims with MediHealth?
Yes, MediHealth supports Eclipse processing for accounts. This allows user to submit accounts electronically to Medicare and Health funds removing the need for manual submission of accounts. Eclipse processing means faster payments (days not weeks) and reduced errors.
Where are your servers located? What happens if the servers go down?
MediHealth software is hosted on our own dedicated servers, housed in commercial secure hosting sites in Greater Melbourne.

The system is available 24x7 and monitored using automated alarm systems which communicate directly to our technical support. All servers are interconnected on the public network, providing very high levels of redundancy against hardware and network failure. MediHealth maintains up-to-date intrusion detection & prevention, virus detection and security management software designed to prevent unauthorised access to the system.

MediHealth runs a mirror, multi server dual site backup strategy. This means if a server has a failure we can restore one of the mirror servers which is backup hourly. If there is a catastrophic failure in the main data centre we can switch to another data centre physically located in a different location in Melbourne. This data centre is mirrored every 3 hours.
What happens if we lose internet?
The reliability of internet is generally very high these days and getting better. However there is the chance of losing internet. We recommend running a dual internet setup having a 4G internet modum available for switch over in the case of an outage. A 4G connection can run large Surgeon rooms while the main internet is restored.
How can I organise for an in rooms demonstration of MediHealth?
To organise a software demo please contact us via email or phone. We will work with you to organise a convenient time to meet the staff and doctors. We often run demos outside of business hours to cater for doctors' busy schedules, usually meeting Practice Managers/rooms staff beforehand during business hours as required.
What sort of support do you offer?
At MediHealth we see our clients as business partners. We go out of our way to ensure users know MediHealth is a company they can depend on for support. Whether it's a quick webinar refresher on functionality, trouble shooting a Medicare claim, or just acting as a soundboard. No query is too small. MediHealth is always available for our users and committed to being reliable.
How much do you charge for setup and training?
There is NO charge for setup and training. And our set up and training support is completely comprehensive and on going.
What third party software do we need to buy?
There is NO additional third party software to purchase (e.g., Microsoft exchange). All our modules are built by MediHealth on a hosted solution. If you have a computer and an internet connection you are ready to use MediHealth.

Company (3)

How long has MediHealth been around?
MediHealth is an Australian owned Surgeon software company and part of the MediTrust group which has been helping doctors since 2005. MediHealth's software has been developed working side by side with doctors and continues to work with doctors and groups today. We have 10 staff on our team, each with a range of specific skill sets.
How big is MediHealth? How many doctors do you have?
MediHealth is part of MediTrust which services hundreds of doctors Australia wide. We power groups of all sizes, large (groups of up to 60+ members) and small. We also service individual doctors.
Who owns the IP? Where is the software built?
MediHealth's software IP is 100% owned by MediHealth. Our highly skilled developers build our software in house from our office located in Victoria.
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